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*Private health rebates are claimable for those with adequate cover.

The majority of physiotherapy treatment sessions will include or lead to personal training sessions.  But if you are past the acute stage of injury (early phase) and are looking for an expert to manage your exercise program and push you a little further then our personal training sessions are for you.

If your injury is new then we recommend you book for an initial physiotherapy consultation.  If you are unsure please give us a call on 0412 767312 or email us via our

Our personal training sessions are aimed at and designed for those whom have or have had an injury and require a higher level of expertise, advise, supervision and planning.  Your training session includes a thorough orthopaedic assessment followed by a complete exercise program.  All of this is tailored to your specific injury and delivered in one on one sessions with a fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist.

* All sessions are claimable under private health insurance as they are classified as physiotherapy.

Your physiotherapist will progress you though your exercises safely as your body/injury becomes ready for the next level. 

Biomechanical issues will be identified such as poor stability, poor posture and incorrect techniques. You will learn how to facilitate (wake up and use) the correct muscles in the correct firing order.

The majority of injuries either cause or are caused from incorrect muscle firing pattern leading to poor biomechanics. In other words muscles are designed to contract and lengthen in a particular order for a particular movement.  Trauma or overuse can cause this particular order to become out of sync which then in turn leads to poor biomechanics leading further into dysfunction &/or pain.  This can become a vicious cycle in which your body continuous to cause trauma to it's already dysfunctional state.  Here is when a higher level of expertise is required.  We will put you on an appropriate exercise program, supervise you to ensure your movements are executed in a safe and beneficial manner and progress you as appropriate.

Personal Training