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Musculoskeletal pain & dysfunction

Sporting injuries

Return to sport rehabilitation programs tailored to your specific sport or recreational activity. Whether your injury is old (chronic) or new (acute) we will get you on the road to recovery in a timely and effective manner. 

You will receive a full assessment followed by a treatment session and a treatment plan which is customised to meet any return to sport goals/time frames. You'll be given honest upfront advise with all questions answered.

Rehab generally begins in the treatment room and progresses to your sporting environment be it the gym, the track, the field, the stage or any other setting until your full rehab goals are met.

We also provide you with the knowledge to manage your own injury in the long term (if need be) and educate you on injury prevention for the future.

What your session might include;

  • Western acupuncture and/or dry needling
  • Massage/fascial release
  • Joint mobilisation &/or manipulation
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Exercise prescription for the prevention and rehabilitation of injury
  • Taping to protect joints and injured tissues
  • Advice on training loads and techniques to assist in recovery
  • Education on injury recovery and management
  •  Motor control retraining to prevent recurring injuries


General physiotherapy for all age groups which treats any region of the musculoskeletal system ie. back, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles, TMJ (Jaw) commonly refers pain to head or teeth....and basically anywhere else that doesn't seem right!

Your symptoms may include - headaches, dizziness, shooting pain, sharp pain, dull pain/ache, weakness, jaw or tooth pain. Your pain/dysfunction may be new or it may be something you may have been carrying around with you for some time.

Here at CONTOUR PHYSIO we look at the cause of your symptoms not just your symptoms alone.  Do you have an ongoing problem that has been treated time and time again to only have it reoccur down the track?  Quite often the cause maybe coming from somewhere else in your body such as your hips or ankles even though it is your knee that is giving you the pain.  Or sometimes it maybe a biomechanical issue that needs a little extra attention or support.

Every physiotherapy session is specifically tailored to your individual needs.